Meet Ray

Ray Conaway is campaigning to serve as the next City Council representative for the 10th district of Baltimore City. Ray was born, raised, and educated in Baltimore. He split his childhood between the Edmondson Village and Pigtown neighborhoods. He is the second oldest of four boys. Since he was a little boy, Ray has always wanted to serve others. His passion for service started in 5th grade when he was elected class president. That was only the beginning. Through numerous volunteer opportunities in the community, Ray developed a strong appreciation for developing thriving communities and neighborhoods.

Ray is a proud product of the Baltimore City Public school system. He graduated from Charles Carroll Barrister Elementary school in Pigtown, Francis Scott Key Elementary/Middle school in Locust Point, and the National Academy Foundation School of Baltimore in East Baltimore. He received his college education at Bowie State University, the oldest Historically Black University in the state of Maryland, where he majored in History & Government with a concentration in Political Science. He currently lives in the Curtis Bay neighborhood.

Ray is a former member of the Baltimore City Youth Commission and had the great honor of representing the 10th district from November of 2015 until April of 2017. During his service on the Youth Commission, Ray served as the chair of the Recreation and Mentoring committee. Ray is also a former employee of the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks (BCRP). While working at BCRP, Ray served as a Recreation Arts Instructor at the Patapsco Recreation Center in Cherry Hill for two years. It was at Patapsco that Ray developed a deep commitment to working with young people. He currently works at the local nonprofit Community Law In Action (CLIA) where he is a program manager for CLIA’s Leadership Development & Advocacy program.

At CLIA, Ray works with high school students to develop their leadership and advocacy skills to promote positive community change. He manages CLIA’s Job Shadowing program that places high school juniors and seniors at local law firms and advocacy organizations where the students get the opportunity to shadow working professionals and develop an academic and professional portfolio. He also organizes the Youth Advisory Council which is a group of high school students who serve as advisors to CLIA and perform various advocacy projects throughout Baltimore City. Lastly, he leads the six-week Summer Leadership Institute which employs students from Baltimore in a leadership training intensive. 

Why I’m running:

I’ve always had a strong passion for local government and I’ve always been a firm believer that democracy works at its best when regular people participate and advocate in the political process. Public service is nothing new to me, in fact, it’s in his bloodline. Much of my life has been focused around service and what I can do to help others. When I was growing up, my dad always told me, “No matter what you become, what you accomplish, or what you earn in life, always, always, always be a good person.” That’s been one of my many principles for the life I live today. My service to others is driven by my passion to really push our families, neighborhoods, communities, and city to greater heights. I am ready to take it to the next level! In my experience, working with communities to advocate and amplify the voices of regular, everyday people really excites me and reminds me of the great promise our city holds. 

Whether you’re a native or a newcomer, everybody knows how great Baltimore City is. We’ve talked enough about it, let’s do what needs to be done to provide brighter futures for our children, better resources for our families, living wages for all workers, respect for our senior citizens, and safe and prosperous neighborhoods throughout our entire city. That’s why I’m running.

I’m ready to represent the people of the 10th district on Baltimore’s City Council!

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